Website Redesign

Apr 21, 2016

Your business might have a website, but it might not be ideal. It might not be giving you the desired hits or be user friendly or creating the right image for your business. If you are unsatisfied with your existing website reach out to us for a re-design. We’ll overhaul it in terms of the complete look and feel for it to represent your business in the right light. This can help to improve your search engine ranking, design, look and feel.

Benefits of Redesigning Your Website

Quality design builds authority: If your current site has 2002 written all over it, your internet savvy visitors will run away faster than Usain Bolt. Through a professional quality visual design, your website can build trust and convert visitors into clients.

Clarity: Many times a website, over time, can be become bloated with content, additional pages are added throughout the years, the navigation is unclear, and there are no clear call to actions (CTA’s). When you redesign your site you can re-focus the messaging and actions you want your visitors to take.

Mobile optimization: If your website was built more than a couple years ago, it probably wasn’t optimized for the smartphone and tablet revolution. When you go through redesigning a website you can created either a responsive version, or a fully separate mobile site with select pages.

Increase conversions: People usually think more and more traffic is the solution to their lead generation and sales, but through a redesign you can improve conversion rates through stronger and more singular call to actions.

Google will rank you higher: Google knows that close to 50% of their visitors are on mobile devices. It is only natural that these visitors would be expecting to see mobile friendly websites when clicking on search results. Therefore it is in Google's best interest to demote poorly designed mobile websites and in turn increase the ranking of the responsive sites.

Why you need website redesigning

  • Its oudated, runs on flash and does not work on mobile
  • Your search engine ranks are low
  • Your visitors does not stick around rather are not converting
  • Its too slow, takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Your brand has outgrown
  • You have changed your brand message
  • Missing out on easy content updates

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